Thursday, June 20, 2013

EID Fashion: Naqsh by Nishat Linen Collection 2013 For Men

Nishat Linen has been always known as one of such brands in Pakistan that has made tremendous success in just minimum time scale. This brand has been involved in catering out the fashion lovers for the men, women and kids clothing collections for longer time scale. Nishat Linen has been always seen in the front row for grabbing the attention of the men and women by highlighting their fabulous looking clothing collections. The way they design the clothes for both men and women are much attractive looking in form of designing and their installation of the fabric is also appreciable for the on-going seasonal timings. Newly, Nishat Linen has showcased their one of the mind-blowing attention grabbing and much well turned out latest eid fashion 2013 for men.

In this Eid collection 2013 the brand has put together the appearances of the kurtas and shalwar kameez suits that have been placed in the line with the pairing of the trousers and fitted jeans as well. In all the clothes and Eid dresses the brand has tried out their level best to match with the newest fashion trends that are required for making the men personality as attractive looking for others. Here we will love to share few pictures of Nishat Linen Eid collection 2013 for men. The ornamentation of few of the dresses has been simple and plain but much of them have been stroked with the embroidery over the cufflinks, sleeves and neckline areas as well.

Furthermore the coloring of the outfits have been fixed with the brighter and much dazzling vibrant color combinations that includes white, black, blue, grey, brown and so many others as well. All the men can avail out this collection for the Eid happenings and formal wedding gatherings too. Hence this Eid collection by Nishat Linen is much more trendy looking and appearing to be nice looking for men.

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