Friday, June 14, 2013

EID Fashion: Khaadi Embroidered Collection 2013 Volume 1 For Women

EID collections are on their way, recently many brands launched their Eid-ul-fitr collection such as Al-Zohaib's Eid 2013 collection, Khaadi also released their Eid collection. Khaadi is one of such clothing fashion brands in Pakistan that is presently ruling on the heart of millions of fashion lovers. Khaadi is one of such brands in Pakistan that have gained tremendous successes and fame in just minimum time scale. Khaadi is offering their clothing collections for the men, women and kids wear. There are many sub brands of Khaadi as well that add together with Khaadi Khas, Khaadi Lawn and so on. They have even fashion shows and events in which Khaadi has spread their magic of clothes and received huge appreciations from the fashion lovers. Freshly, Khaadi has appeared inside the fashion market along with their superb looking and much magnificent embroidered collection 2013 volume 1 for women. This Eid embroidered collection 2013 has been offered with the long shirts, trousers or churidar pajamas and duppattas

As it has been evident from the name too that the brand has adorned all the collection dresses with the striking looking embroidery working that has been printed over the complete front side of the shirts. In addition, the color combinations painted in the embroidered dresses are both brighter and dark vivid looking along with the blend of soft vibrant colors as well just liked red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, brown and so many others. In this post we will be pasting few best pictures of Khaadi embroidered collection 2013 Volume 1 for women. The women will love to make this collection as their ideal choice for the parties, functions and even for the get together family gatherings. In simple this embroidered collection by Khaadi is breath-taking and appealing looking for the women. The women can gather much additional details about this collection by signing into the below mentioned facebook fan page of Khaadi.

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